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    A Gift from God
  by Scott Walker
    A Matter of Conscience - Abortion and Hippocratic Tenets
            by Jonathan Imbody
    Abortion Ascendance
            by Gary Bauer and Daniel Allott

    Abortions Unlimited
by Jeffrey Kuhne
    Contraception and Pork
            by Dr. John Bruchalski
    Doctor Charged in Baby Deaths
            Catholic News Service
    How Abortion Dehumanizes Everyone
            by Peggy Hartshorn
    Infants Who Survive Abortions
            by Mona Charen
    Power of Verbal Engineering
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
    The Abiding Abortion Controversy of Roe v. Wade
            by Andrew P. Napoplitano   
    The True Cost of Being in Denial

            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
    Why Planned Parenthood Must Be Defunded
            by Kelly Riddell
Will Health Care Reform Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions?
            by Tony Perkins
Women Deserve Better: Complications of Legal Abortion
            by Mary Fisk
   Yet Another Battle in an Old War
            by John Thieman
 Abstinence Education
    Don't Stop Giving Teens Good Advice
            by Julie Baumgardner   

    A Family's Journey in Faith
            by John and Teresa Schultz

    The Amazing Grace of the Christmas Morn
            by Wesley Pruden
    The Ultimate Gift- Faith

            by Cal Thomas
    Defeat Led By Three Men
            Paul Kengor

Voting with a Well-Formed Conscience
            by Most Rev. Paul S. Loverdi & Most Reverend Francis X. DiLorenzo
    Outsourcing Obsession
            by Warren L. Dean Jr.
End of Life Issues
    Patients in a Vegetative State
            by Richard Doerflinger
    Broken Memories, Broken Bonds
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
    '60s Pschyobabble Hinders Parenting
            by John Rosemond
    Are Children Worth the Cost?
            by Barbara Curtis
    'Because I Said So' Won't Stunt Esteem

            by John Rosemond
    Birth Numbers Breaking Records
            by Cheryl Wetzstein

    Computing America
            by Bill O'Reilly
    He Hangs the Moon
            by Elizabeth Foss
    Menu the Same For All At Dinner
            by John Rosemond
    Monitor Child's Music
            by Rebecca Hagelin
    Parents Know What Is Best
            by John Rosemond
    Positive Feedback Gets A Happy Face
            by John Rosemond
    Stone Age Ways Still Apply to Kids
            by John Rosemond
    Youth Gone Wild
            by Bill O'Reilly
Part I - Forgiveness Brings Freedom of Heart
            by Cheryl Wetzestein
Part II - Forgiveness Offers Path to Freedom
            by Cheryl Wetzstein
     Truth About God's Mercy, The
            by Mary Beth Bonacci

Global Warming
     Cap-Trade Promises Disaster
             by R. Emmett Terrell, Jr.
     Chilling Out in the Summer
by Deroy Murdock
     Deceptive Temperature Record Claims
            by Tom Harris
     Global Cooling?
            by Deroy Murdock   
     Global Warming\Global Warming Freeze

            by David Deming
     Presidential Climate Change Statement Not True
            by Cato Foundation 

     The Killer Frost for Global Warming

            by Wesley Pruden
Harry Potter
     Harry Potter and Sharia Law
            by D. L. Adams
        Diabetes May Increase Risk of Alzheimer's Research Finds

                by Lauran Neergaard

         Protecting The Brain - The Effect of Carotenoids
         Broccoli Sprouts Fight Stomach Ills
by Gabriella Boston   
         Cancer Will Beat Heart Disease as Top Killer in '10
                by Mike Stobbe
         Cranberry for Urinary Tract Infection
         Drug Company Puts Lives at Risk

                by Mary Beth Bonacci
         Easing the Effects of Cancer
         Lowering Risk for Breast Cancer
         Nutrients Reduce Chances of Prostrate Cancer
         Pot linked to Testicular Cancer
                by Jennifer Harper
        Good News for Diabetics
    End of Life Issues
        Patients in a Vegetative State
                by Richard Doerflinger   
    Exercising or Fitness Training
                by Kelly Jane Torrance
    Foot Wear
         High Heels
                by Christine Lanzito
         Silently Stealing Vision
                 by Dr. Ted Mitchell
         Omega-3s and vitamin K protect the heart

         Sounding Alarm on 'Silent Disease'
                 by Cheryl Wetzstein

         Children, Teens Advised to Double Vitamin D Intake
The Washington Times
Vitamins help women carry to term
         Probiotics help Antibiotics
    Reducing Metabolic Syndrome
         Magnesium, Selenium, Cactus Fiber, Omega 3
    Smart Dieting
         New Thinking on Hunger, Satiety, and Calories
    Super Bacteria
         Deadly Superbugs Look Unstoppable
                by Liz Szabo and Peter Eisler    
    Training, Unisex

 Protecting 'Warrior Girls'
                by Gabariella Boston
    Vitamin C
Reduced Gout
            Vitamin C and E, and Multivitamins Extended Life
    Vitamin D
Kids Need More Vitamin D
         Vitamin D Boosts Immunity
    Vitamin E
         Improves life   
    Vitamin K
         Young and Old Bones Need Vitamin K
Homeland Security
         Who are Dangerous 'Extremists?'
                by Oliver North
International Relations
Chaos theory - and practice
       by Monica Crowley
        Chinese Trade in Human Organs
                by Julia Duin
         In a Self-Destruct Mode?
                by Jeffrey Kuhne
       Love of Parents Sparks Learning
                by Kate Tsubata
       Talking, Touching Vital to Learning 
                by Kate Tsubata
       How to Get Kids to Turn Off the TV
                by Michael Pearl
Links all about babies many pro-life links click "slideshows" for medical topics

     'A future pregnancy would be too risky . . .'
                by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
     Courting Trouble in Iowa
                by Cal Thomas
Downstream Effects of Same-sex Parenting
                by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk 
     Papal Denunciation?

                by Jeffrey Kuhner
     Same-sex Marriage Mockery
                by Doug Mainwaring

     Westerners Welcome Harems

                by Daniel Pipes              
Middle East
Double Standard
                by Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman
     To What End?
            by Mona Charen
     Tracing The Roots Of Islamic Jihad
            by James A. Lyons
     Who's David, Who's Golith?
            by Larry Elder

Thinking About Moral Absolutes
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
Planned Parenthood

     An Editorial
     Cult of the Condom
            by Jeffrey Kuhner
     Sanger was not a 'pioneer hero'
            by Mary Beth Bonacci
     Who was Margaret Sanger

Political Extremism
     President Donald Trump's Address in Saudi Arabia
Political Process
     Civility can restore our institutions
            by Orrin G. Hatch
     Constitutional Elections
            by Michael Hough
     Exit Interview with George W. Bush
            by Cal Thomas
     One Nation Under. . . shhh
         Why our betters thinks it's naughty to say the G-word
            by Gary Bauer
     Our Forgotten National Birthday
            The Constitution Formed the Nation's Character
            by Ed Fuelner     
     Political Monopoly Power
            by Walter Williams
     The Counter-Revolution
            by Clifford D. May
     The Dirty Joke from Minnesota
            by Wesley Pruden
     The Diversity Mess
            by Victor Davis Hanson
 The Horrors of Hiroshima in Context
            The bombings saved millions by abruptly ending World War II
            by Victor Davis Hanson
     Sotomayor's Foreign Ideas
            Comment & Anaysis
'Afflicted' With Fertility?
            by George Weigel
     Billionaires Take Aim at Population
            by Cheryl Wetzstein
     The Underpopulation Problem
            by Michael Miller
     UN Aging Report Warns of Dire Effects of Fertility Decline
            by Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D.
     Baser Instincts
            an Editorial

     Bought With A Price (for youth and young adults)

            Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God
            by Bishop Paul S. Loverde
     Bought With A Price (for married and engaged couples)
            Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God
            by Bishop Paul S. Loverde
     Schools Find Redeeming Value in Pornography
            by Jennifer Harper
Pro Life Thoughts
Page One
     All the Dead will Rise Again
            by Fr. James B. Buckley, F.S.S.P.
    The Amazing Grace of Christmas Morn
            by Wesley Pruden
     The Dynamics of Celibacy
            by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
Religion & State
     An End to the End of School Prayer?

          by Benjamin Wiker     
     Expression is Not Coercion

            by Robert Knight
     College Seekers Must Stand Out
            by Kate Tsubata
     Home Schooling Popularity Grows
            by Michael Smith
     Loosing Ground all over Europe
            by Michael Smith
     Teaching Morals a Parental Priority
            by Kate Tsubata

     Testing Proves Success of Grads

            by Michael Smith
Unit Study Opens World of Learning
            by Kate Tsubata
     Withdrawing Kid During Term OK
            by Michael Smith
     Fetuses Found to have Memories
            by JenniferHarper
     New Ethics
            by Re. Tad Pacholczyk
Science and Religion
  Are Science and Religion Really Enemies
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
     Perversions and Purposes in Human Sexuality
            by Rev. Tad Pacholozyk
Sex Trafficking
A City of Child Sex Trafficking
            by Michal Elseth
Social Justice
     Murder by Any Means
            by Michelli Malkin
     If Oppression Could Inspire Happiness    
           by Richard W. Rahn
     Living in Revolutionary Times
           by Robert Knight
Stem Cells
     A Closer Look at Stem-cell Ethics
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk    
     A Reversal with a False Excuse
            by Mike McManuss
Journey To Destruction           
            by Cal Thomas
     Pluripotent Equation
            by Mona Charen
     The Obama Stem-cell Darkness
            by Rev. Tad Pacholczyk
     Physician Assisted Part I Oregon
            by J. Margaret Datilis
     Physician Assisted Part II Washington
            Associated Press
     Suicide Hot Lines Save Thousands
            by Cheryl Wetzstein

 Transgenderism Harms Children
 Reprint of article in Virginia Right To Life, Inc.