Bought With A Price
Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God

Excerpts for Youth and Young Adults
from a Pastoral Letter by Bishop Paul S. Loverde of Arlington, VA

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In my forty years as a priest, I have seen the evil of pornography spread like a plague throughout our culture.  What was once the shameful and occasional vice of the few has become the mainstream entertainment for the many - through the Internet, cable, satellite and broadcast television, cell phones and even portable gaming and entertainment devices designed for children and teenagers.  Never before have so many Americans been so tempted to view pornography.  Never before have the accountability structures - to say nothing of the defenses which every society must build to defend the precious gift of her children - been so weak.

This plague stalks the souls of men, women and children, ravages the bonds of marriage and victimizes the most innocent among us.  It obscures and destroys people's ability to see one another as unique and beautiful expressions of God's creation, instead darkening their vision, causing them to view others as objects to be used and manipulated.  It has been excused as an outlet for free expression, supported as a business venture, and condoned as just another form of entertainment.  It is not widely recognized as a threat to life and happiness.  It is not often treated as a destructive addiction.  It changes the way men and women treat one another in sometimes dramatic but often subtle ways.  And it is not going away.

I turn with particular concern to my young brothers and sisters in Christ.  I fear that the full burden of our culture's surrender to pornography will fall on your shoulders, both now and in years to come.  Not only have you been targeted by this criminal enterprise as a source of financial gain, but you also have to endure the impoverished notion of intimacy that results from a culture that has confused love with self-gratification.  Know first that God has destined you for a true and fully human love that finds its center not in manipulating others but in sharing and flourishing in a communion your your beloved.

Maturity and Faith

Let no one have contempt for your you, but set an example for those who believe, in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.    1 Timothy 4:12

Many in society have accepted the false expectation that youth cannot control their natural desires and practice the virtue of chaste intimacy.  This belief - that it is unpractical or even unnatural to avoid impurity and the indulgence in pornographic fantasy - is a lie and far from the mind of the Church.  The acceptance of this lie of immaturity becomes the excuse for ignoring the vital importance of strengthening the virtues of modesty and chastity so central to your future happiness.

True Intimacy Begins in the Family

The growth of intimacy that is at the heart of the experience of youth begins in the family.  Here, in the mystery of human love and sacrifice, you first begin to explore the joy of intimacy and trust.  In the sacred community of the family, you learn that your worth is not dependent upon your usefulness or your success, but upon the fact that you are valued as an irreplaceable and sacred person.  It is also in this sacred community of the family that forgiveness, so central in our struggles against sin, is learned and first practiced.

Remember always your important role in the community of your family.  Respect your parents' God-given role in guiding your life.  Cooperate in their efforts to ensure your safety and guide your decisions.  This is most important in your decisions to use various media and take part in recreational activities.  As you develop a healthy sense of privacy, do not be misled into embracing secrecy.  Privacy is the healthy and necessary understanding that parts of your experience - your thoughts, dreams and aspirations - are uniquely your own and so should be shared only when you decide to share in intimacy.  Secrecy, however, is the enemy of intimacy and does violence against the bonds of family.  Secrecy is a rejection of love.

Look to your brothers and sisters and remember your responsibility toward them.  If they are older, encourage them with your praise of their success.  Remind them that you wish to imitate them in their virtue.  If they are younger, assist your brothers and sisters, using the experience you have gained in your own struggles.

True Intimacy and Friendship

Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you.  1 Peter 3:35

Growing in intimacy does not end with the family.  For youth, the development of the bonds of intimate friendship marks the end of childhood and the beginning of adult life.  The forming of these friendships exerts a great desire for acceptance and belonging.  Often described as "peer pressure," these expectations of friends are not only a source of temptation to experiment with destructive behavior, but also an opportunity to share things of true and lasting value.  Resist giving into the sharing of impure images from a desire to gain such acceptance.  Reject the easy path of impure talk, immodest dress and pornographic entertainment.  Be ready to explain to your friends why you have chosen to avoid this evil.  Offer instead the example of self-mastery.  Just as the self-mastery displayed in athletics, music, and academics draws natural admiration from peers, so too will self-mastery in purity draw admiration friends who are facing the same uncertainties and temptations.

Failure and Forgiveness

Any human struggle, including the struggle for purity and modesty, comes with the possibility of failure.  It is often through failure and the persistence to succeed that mastery is achieved.  You must not become disheartened if you should succumb to the temptations that surround you.  Be persistent in your goal and turn calmly from your temporary defeat.  Young people have a great affinity for the Sacrament of Penance.  Because of your innate understanding of the tragedy of failure, young people naturally long for a means of returning to a state of grace.  Take advantage of the opportunity of reconciliation.  Participate in the Sacrament of Penance regularly.

Your Eternal Destiny

Remember that God has created you for perfect intimacy with Himself.  Your struggle against sin - whether involving pornography or other temptations of life - is actually your preparation for this true intimacy for which your loving Father has created you.  In whatever vocation to which the Lord invites you, your successful battle against impurity will contribute to the true happiness that will be found in the intimacy of that call.

We are a people called to share in the pure and noble vision of God and His creation.  We are also a people whose future glory has been bought with the precious sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We must never forget the high cost of this purchase.

Feel always confident to turn for assistance in these struggles to beloved Saint Joseph, the true spiritual father of us all.

Prayer to Saint Joseph

O loving father Saint Joseph who watched over and protected the Infant Jesus as He grew in grace and wisdom, watch over me, my family and my friends as we struggle to lead a life of love and friendship.  Pray that I may be an example of a true disciple of your beloved Son and that all my thoughts, words and actions may be an inspiration to those whom I love.  May I long to look to you as an example of true human intimacy and to treat others with respect and courtesy, thinking always of the good of others rather than the pleasure of self.  Defend me against the temptations of impurity and allow me to serve as an example of modesty and chastity.  Guide me on my journey that I may discover the vocation for which God has created me and in this vocation discover the joy that experienced in your most Holy Family.  Amen.

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